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Being one of the oldest Lodges in the UK, the Warrant of the Lodge is dated the 31st August 1829, and the Lodge was consecrated at the Salisbury Arms Inn, Hertford, on the 8th September 1829 by W. Bro. John Bott, P.G.D.

When consecrated its number was 849, in 1832 it became No.578 and in 1863 No.403. It would appear that no mention is made in the minutes of the fact that the number was altered.

It is the oldest Lodge in the Province of Hertfordshire, the next oldest - the Watford Lodge - having been consecrated as the Bamborough Lodge on the 13th November, 1829.

At the time of its consecration there appears to have been no other Lodge existing in the County.

The above extracts were taken from the Publication, 'Extracts from the Records of the Hertford Lodge N0. 403. Printed by Simson and Co Ltd, Hertford. My grateful thanks to the unknown authors.

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