Original Petition

To His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex, M.W. Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of England.

We, the undersigned being regular and registered Masons of the Lodge mentioned against our Names, having the Prosperity of the Craft at heart, are anxious to exert our best endeavours to promote and diffuse the general principles of the Royal Art, and for the convenience of our respective dwellings, there being no Lodge in the County of Hertford.

In consequence of this desire, we pray for a Warrant of Constitution, empowering us to meet as a Lodge at the Salisbury Arms Inn, in the Town of Hertford, on the first Tuesday in every month to be called the Hertford Lodge and then and there to discharge the duties of Masonry in a Constitutional manner, and we have nominated and do recommend Brother Francis Crew P.M. of No. 1 to be the first Master, Brother Alfred S. Dowling to be the first Senior Warden, and Brother Robert W. Rodgers to be the first Junior Warden of the said Lodge.

The prayer of this Petition being Granted, we promise strict obedience to the Commands of the Grand Master and the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Given under our hands this 24th day of August 1829

Francis Crew, P.M. No. 1
Alfred S. Dowling
R. W. J. Rodgers
John Cass, Ware, No. 1
Thos. Cobham, Ware, No. 1
Thoms. Biltire, Ware, No.518
James Brown, Hertford
J. Harwood, Ware, No. 1
Jas. F. Taylor, Ware, No. 1

We, the undersigned, being Members of the Grand Masters Lodge, beg leave most respectfully to recomend to the consideration of the M. W. Grand Master the petition of the annexed Brethen.

Given under our hands this 31st August, 1829

Thos R. Smith, P.M. No.1
R. H. Giraud, W.M. No.1
David Pollock, S.W. No. 1

The above extracts were taken from the Publication, 'Extracts from the Records of the Hertford Lodge N0. 403. Printed by Simson and Co Ltd, Hertford. My grateful thanks to the unknown authors.